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A Call for Compassion

Opposition parties should demand an emergency debate to help seniors who accepted the Canada emergency response benefit, but are now struggling.  — Kathleen Finlay’s latest in the Hill Times.   Read the full article.

ZeroHarmNowadvocates and advises in trauma-informed practices and innovative policies for mitigating harm, fostering healing and building a culture of caring in major organizations and public institutions.  We bring compassion to life in governments, public institutions and private corporations.

ZeroHarmNow™ is headed by Kathleen Finlay, one of Canada’s foremost voices advocating for victims of gender-based violence and sexual harassment, strengthened mental health services, patient-centred healthcare and replacing institutional betrayal with organizational compassion.

“Every organization needs a comprehensive compassion agenda in the post-pandemic era.”
—Kathleen Finlay, writing in the Hill Times.








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